When will JoJo characters be added?


I’d also like to point out that Dio Brando was canonically a law school student.

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They’ve already been added to some servers. You simply have to know where to look.

Why am I not surprised seeing Shaw posting for Jojo. Secondly, its obvious that we will get the characters only when they are ripped and accepted by the server administration. Considering that I do have JJBA rips of Jotaro Kujo and Dio Brando taken from the arcade game. And there is this Jotaro version of DRO too, meaning it won’t really work in case cafe server, but ODROS because of their aspect ratio.

I wish to know the servers you are talking about so I can experience this for myself.

The Lair of Justice AO server might have some. I just don’t know if that server is currently up or not.

How many slices of bread have you eaten in your life?

… Hibiki’s asking the real questions here.

Have you been counting how many slices of bread you eat?

I solemnly agree, I would want to say Nani, and Bakana in the court. (And point in an epic manner)

Never ever. Not with good rips.