Virtual Lawyer Simulator - We're not dead, really!

Have you ever needed a getaway from the big, 50 room servers with too many cases popping up at random all the time? Do you want a (unfortunately) smaller server to just relax in? Do you like Shin Megami Tensei? Well, dear reader, I’d say Virtual Lawyer Simulator is the server for you!

Aside from the in-client server usually being a wasteland unless there’s an event going on, we have a couple of unique gamemodes such as Attornies and Dragons (the original!) and Shin Megami Tensei Online, and case preps at 8 pm EST every night (assuming we have the people.)
We have about 3 pages of extremely high quality chars, that we are constantly improving upon, about 575 songs and our own custom client. Our (discord) community is friendly, so drop in anytime!

Now, am I a terrible advertiser? Probably so. But should you try VLS for yourself? Yes!

Virtual Lawyer Simulator - NO, SERIOUSLY, WE’RE NOT DEAD.


Although somehow the second (?) anniversary of the server is approaching - I gotta give you guys some credit for managing to survive for so long.

Yeah but I’m probably gonna singlehandedly drag in half the AO2 community after I say we ALSO have a PERSONA gamemode in the works that will (eventually) be released for public playing.

At least it’s not Danganronpa.

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Considering its Fakeh posting it, I have more doubts than I should have. And regarding Persona and Shin Megami Tensei, for some reason iirc Axiz was against Persona and usually said that “Persona =/= Shin Megami Tensei” and I remember this because it threw me into a lot of confusions. But oh well. Will rethink about rejoining. My IDM ran out of trial time so… gotta wait to download files.

Ches is making the persona MP thing, and Axiz only REALLY hates P3, and I DO agree with him on the general points he doesn’t like about Persona as a whole i.e the difficulty and combat.

Maybe I should consider revisiting your server among other servers I been too for only a short time. Then again, I guess I been mostly been apart of the PMD AO server and I’m thinking of creating a different server of an AA x Pokemon server containing a few guest characters.

Really is a shame you’re still so small. No idea why that could be.

It might be possible people prefer being in the most professional, and/or popular servers is my guest.

The September splitoff would say otherwise.

True I suppose tastes can easily change over time with anything.

A good server imo.

The leave is a really complicated story but let’s just sum up with atleast two people who have previously left returned and the leader of the leaver group kinda became an asshole to everyone else and their group crumbled. Atleast, that’s what I know of it all.

oh yeah btw we just made an experimental new client as a bridge between our old one and newer new one that will be far more feature complete also content update soonTM