Sp's Official Unofficial Vanilla Case List

Newcomers often have a hardtime when it comes to entering our small corner of the internet… That’s only normal, as we’ve also been on their place, one day.

Unfortunately, the only listed link for a case list when we first come in, is AOV’s one. Which is, wonderful, that it exists! But… It’s non-vanilla content, and as a starter, our first instincts always are to pick the first, most basic looking server on the list: "AO Official Unofficial Server (Vanilla)"
So, why not have a vanilla case list, for the special needs of our cute new rookies?

That's the reason why this was created!

This list contains cases compiled over the period of one month(As of 20-05-19), which is a very short time, when compared for how long this game has been running.
To be as newcomer-friendly as possible, it was added some guides on the last page, though most of it were done by our special meme friends of AOV(Attorney Online Vidya).
Currently, many cases are not included in this list, and I request, please, send me any type of Vanilla Document that is not included.

Thanks for tuning in, and until next time!

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Nice typo there.
But still, cool idea.

This is exactly what we need. I talk about it in my other thread about beginners experience and why we need a place to post cases.

Thread: The beginners experience... and why we need a "Cases" page