Sequel to AO2? (AO2 2?)

It’s 2 AM.

I don’t think I can count to 3, since I have five fingers and not three, so I can count to 5 and not 3.

Anyway, I think we should really have an AO2 2. It shouldn’t look something like this:

Or have anything like this:


Yeah, maybe it’s a bad idea.
Has anyone thought of this idea before? Like, of there being a sequel to AO? Or is it just me? I don’t know, I have a really vivid imagination. :zucc:

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Well, if the people that work in this project are willing to do a sequel, it won’t be a bad idea, probably.
As i see, you talk about the interface of the game, saying

I think that the interface is a little complex or too much options. But, how could you have a better interface and why don’t change it in an update?

I really don’t have idea how should it be made better, but i’m sure that with a little of thinking and taking into account simplicity and user-friendly interface, something will appear.
Also, it could be, maybe, a public development where users can see it and say their suggerences, helping the “game”.

It should be done in a sequel, a different game, and not an update because 2 things:

It will make a big change and the interface won’t be the only thing that will change.
If it is done by updates of the actual game, it will be hard to do and won’t be cool for players who have to wait until the stable or full version comes out.
And, because it won’t only change the interface, it would be a different game.

To finish, i would like a second game, a sequel, trying to rethink it by zero, (but not so zero, i mean, you have the idea and elements of the game) to do it better.

Well, that’s all, folks!

AO2 is not So Good. That means there will be no AO2 2. ‘tis basic logic

This was a joke post. Of course I will continue developing for AO for the future (at a snail’s pace). But thanks for your interest.

Oh well. Now i feel stupid

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when is AC released



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I could help you design a better UI, but… I don’t think we deserve it.