Game Of Murder - AO's #1 Murder Mystery Gamemode!

GoM is a role-playing Investigation/Combat/Puzzle Solving game where you play as either an innocent or a killer. The goal of the killer is to eliminate all the innocents, while the goal of the innocents is to escape or eliminate the killers. If this interests you, join anytime! We’ll love to see you get brutally murdered alongside us!

We currently only have hosts on the The Next Chapter and Case Café servers, plan on spreading to other servers in the future. (GMs wanted)

Discord Server Link:

-The GoM Discord Team


Omg this is so amazing and totally alive

fair enough for me. :megathink:.
although, actually, are you sure this is “AO’s #1 gamemode”? there’s many to choose from.

Well rainy is right for once :truth:

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bruh there are no other AO gamemodes that surpasses this. in fact u should join it

[Funny Cop#2 meme]
Should rename it to AO’s #2 Meme Madness Gamemode.

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Bruh… bruh.