Forums died

Please wait while abdominal thrusts are applied to the forums.

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guys AO is dead, please go home

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Rip Forums. It seems the hacker wasted their time creating this for AO even though its hardly used and barely anything happens on it.

Can we get forums 2 then?

Yes, and a forums 2 2.

OMG, I just found out that AO forum ever EXISTS. 3 weeks since I started to play this game, 1.5 of contributing, but the main post saver, forum, was discovered by me not via official site, no, it was one of links pointing from search engine.

Honestly, not quite surprised then by less and less people joining it.

The main reason no visitors come is that it’s not linked from the website like the Discord server is. It was an experiment, so I did not want to give it a semblance of permanence.

Maybe if you didn’t want it to die, you should’ve given it a semblance of permanence. :megathink: