Case Café - Come grab a cup with us!

Are you up to case, RP, or participate in games?
Or maybe you’d just like to hang out and chat?
Then, you’re welcome in Case Café!


Case Café is an AO2 server that uses custom content, separate to the ‘vanilla’ package from the AO2 website, which allows for a greater selection of characters, music and backgrounds from not only Ace Attorney, but also other games such as Professor Layton, Danganronpa and more!

We also feature one of the largest communities currently on AO2, resulting in cases, RPs, and gamemodes being frequently hosted. And if you need to help with anything, our staff, and even our community members are willing to help you out.

If you’re interested in our server, you can:
Check out our website!

Download our full content pack! (No updates required!)

Join our discord!


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Nice! Took us long enough to get a forum.

If you take our Persona characters I’m hunting you down -n-

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The title is lying, the coffee machine has been broken since the server was created

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It’s amazing, I manage to stay in this cafe…I don’t even like coffee.
I’m mostly in it for the staff and other regular customers.

10/10 - would never leave. send help.:ohno:


As the official CC historian… This place is messed up.
But I’ve been here for over a year so… I can’t really complain.

Shut up funkster, you’re just a cool kong

Shut up mongae you don’t have the right to shut funky

Apparently, I’ve become a “New User of the Month.”

Case Cafe is okay. The people here is definitely what make it worth staying! Shout outs to Cake for being adorable. :placeholder:

Fine place y’all got here.